In addition to Breakthroughs, Carol offers Coaching services.  She gives you a new perspective, and helps you see through different eyes.  She is really good at helping you calm down, and think about a problem differently.  Even an hour on the phone with her can help you tremendously.  Some of her favorite things to hear clients say are, "The pain's gone", "I feel better", and "I never thought of it like that before."

There is FREEDOM here for you!”
— Carol Christina

Coaching can include the following and more:

- Continued empowering support for Breakthrough clients.

- Hypnosis coaching that is relaxing and effective.

- German New Medicine coaching helps you understand and release the causes of physical and emotional health problems.

- Carol offers belief change coaching where you identify old beliefs that are causing pain. She brainstorms with you to create what you truly want instead.

- Values Transitioning coaching helps you make major progress in your growth and life development.

- Emotional support coaching when something difficult is going on in your life, and you need help.

- Goal setting coaching helps you create what you want.

- Learning wisdom from passed loved ones.

- Refresher of techniques you learned and guidance to help you become more independent in helping yourself.

- Help in bringing down pain.

- Support via office visits, skyping, chatting, messaging, phone conversations, brainstorming, questions, etc.

- And so much more...