Are you tired of LIVING the same OLD problems?

Sometimes it takes a second person to observe, understand and help the situation.  If you want to make the future better than the past, take steps to create that change.  There is so much fun and wonder in this world!  I am here to help you rediscover the joy of being YOU!!


In addition to working together using special patented recovery techniques, I share empowering information about health, feelings, emotions, and the way life works. Your words and symptoms give us the answers. Your response to specific questions will help us uncover what is going on and help us know what to do to give you the future that you desire. We get to the root of your problem!

I have literally been there, done that. Not only have I recovered from painful life experiences, but I also tried many, many alternative methods until finding something that was easy, effective and duplicable. I find it easy to pinpoint what is going on in your life that has been creating your problems. 

I will guide you through specific steps to help you get to the root of your problem, recover and heal yourself. I help you clean away your resistance and then effectively support you in using all your senses to create your future. Learn the keys to manifesting what you want in your life. I gently guide you through each of these steps and more!!


We meet for a Consultation in my office, on Skype, or on the phone.  You get to tell me about your problems, and I explain what I do to help.  I will answer your questions.  A Consultation typically takes between 30 and 90 minutes.  Then, you will be given a brief questionnaire that you will answer and email by the evening before your Breakthrough.  Your honesty and cooperation in providing this detailed information will prove very valuable in resolving your problem.


Rather than “appointments” or “sessions”, you will receive the biggest impact on your healing journey when we work together for a good chunk of time all at once.  A Breakthrough is a fast and easy way to help you reprogram how your mind creates your problem.  It involves you answering personal questions that point us to the root of your problem, the use of powerful imagination techniques, etc. to release the causes of your problem, and innovative processes to create a new way to think and feel about that area of your life.


A Breakthrough typically takes 6-15 hours over 2-3 days, depending on the extent of your problem.


The first couple hours involve you answering specific questions about your personal history that are designed to zoom in on the root of the problem.  I take detailed notes, so I can understand what originally happened that led to the problem.  We get right to the bottom of what is causing the trouble in your life.  I also collect other important clues that will help you on your life journey.  If you are particularly interested in personal growth, I ask questions that determine your values levels. This gives us significant information to enhance your development.  At this point, we usually break for lunch or supper (or another day) while I organize all your information and design a personalized plan to make that area of life better for you.  Then we get started using Time Line Therapy™ to get rid of your major negative emotions.

What is it like to get rid of negative emotions with Time Line Therapy™?

Time Line Therapy™ is a simple, yet powerful process where you use your unconscious mind and imagination to locate and release the root of your negative emotions.  For example, you probably know what it is like to feel anger. You can think of certain situations and people, and you feel anger. I guide you step-by-step through the amazing Time Line Therapy™ process, and you will receive the answers to when you first felt that way, what you needed for your growth, and the anger disappears!  You just have to follow my easy instructions, and imagine exactly what I say.  So far, I have used Time Line Therapy™ successfully on people ages 2 to 83!  Born and unborn babies have also benefited from their mothers doing this technique with me. Afterward, if you think about those same situations and people, you will feel differently! It is crazy fun for me to watch this happen and for you to experience releasing negative emotions in this way.  You get to do this with every freaking negative emotion that comes up!


The next exciting step is to change all your painful, negative beliefs and old limiting decisions into what you truly want instead!  Woah!  We brainstorm together to find the perfect words to change your old limiting decisions into positive beliefs that benefit you and contribute to your well-being.  We use another amazing Time Line Therapy™ process here.  Easy!

What else is in the Breakthrough?

I have a wealth of cutting edge tools and techniques that may be used to help you feel better.  In addition to being a Time Line Therapy™ Certified Master Practitioner, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Certified Master Practitioner, Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Certified Master Coach at the Advanced Level, and a Creating Your Future® Certified Master Practitioner, I am experienced and educated in advanced German New Medicine (GNM), Parts Integration, Law of Attraction, Abraham Hicks teachings, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Advanced Language Patterns & Linguistic Analysis, Coaching Values Inventory System Certification, Psychic and intuitive practices, cord cutting, etc.

After we get rid of the negative, then we spend time creating the positive.  You will have the opportunity to plan the success of your desired goal(s) with Creating Your Future®.  You will love my personalized hypnotherapy session that is the icing on the cake.

I am observant, thorough, persistent, effective.  I look forward to sharing these exciting tools with you and helping you feel empowered.  Just learning any of these techniques for your future personal use is worth every penny. 

Do I need more than one Breakthrough?

We usually begin with the area of life which, if made better, will make the biggest impact on your life.  If there are other areas of life that present for you to address, you will already have some skills that you learned during your first Breakthrough.  You may decide you deserve another Breakthrough or Coaching Support.  Clients who want freedom in every area of their lives usually choose to experience a few Breakthroughs and take advantage of my Coaching services.

What do emotions have to do with healing?

Your emotional, mental, and physical problems are not mysteries. There are specific reasons why you feel the way you do.  It is your symptoms that make up your health problem.  We take each symptom separately and identify the root cause of each of those symptoms.  There are specific reasons why you are sick.  There are specific emotions that are involved in the original creation of the problem.  There was a conflict/shock/trauma that happened before your symptoms started.  Something happened in your life before you got your problem.  Releasing every negative emotion and changing every limiting belief surrounding that original conflict can make you feel better.  When you understand the root cause, and do the recovery work, the symptoms go away.  Finding the CAUSE, leads to the RELIEF.  Even if you don't know what it is all about, I know how to help you.

What about Insurance?

I am on the list of eligible hypnotherapists at the insurance company  When you pay in full, you will be issued a receipt in your name, so that if you are a Johnson member, you can submit to their office for appropriate reimbursement.

What makes you think you can help me?

Because I helped myself, and I helped many other people.  Because I have experienced hell, healed myself, and learned to thrive.  I now have the skills and an innate understanding of what needs to happen to make fast, easy, thorough, effective, and comfortable changes at a very core level.

WHAT About Support after the Breakthrough is FINISHED?

I not only help you get rid of your problem and am completely committed to doing so, but I also help you learn skills to take home with you.

You will receive a follow-up email with personalized reminders.  I am available for follow-up support via chat, Messenger, phone, Skype or in office.

If anything surfaces, I will help you clean up triggers related to the original conflict.  You may prefer to use the skills you learned with a little guidance from me, or you may prefer step-by-step support as we get every last bit.  It might surprise you how easy it is.  Sometimes all that is needed is a quick phone call where we get rid of a negative emotion or change a limiting belief and then, all is well.  Sometimes it is a concern about something in your future, so we quickly change how you feel about it.

WHAT WILL MY NEW LIFE be like after working together?

As your life begins to play out after your Breakthrough, you will enjoy experiencing life in a whole new way.  You will move beyond the old problem.  You will notice that you feel differently.  You will see life differently.  You will feel better about yourself.  You will be empowered.  You will look forward to the future.  Things will start to line up for you. Life will be better.

After having your first Breakthrough and achieving success in your most troubling area of life, you will continue to live your life.  You will notice, as many clients do, that your desire for success in other areas of your life will draw you to me for more Breakthroughs.  By this time, you will be more experienced in resolving small conflicts on your own, but you will appreciate my coaching and expertise to help your continued growth and success.


I guide you to experience a rather comfortable, quick and effective way to truly let go of old stuff that has been weighing you down.”
— Carol Christina


  • CHANGE.  Cleaning up the negative emotions, changing limited beliefs and integrating parts, among many other things, will profoundly improve your well-being.
  • GROWTH.  How is your growth game? Do you have some understanding of what it takes to grow and change?  Do you need an additional point of view to have a look at what is going on in your life? Do you need the help and guidance of an experienced expert?
  • DISCOVER.  I help you discover who you really are, while releasing the old pain. I help you feel good in your body, and I guide you to live your authentic self. I am particularly good at identifying the root of your problem.
  • TRANSFORMATION.  Transform your life! Release anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, guilt, depression, panic, frustration, jealousy, etc. Change limiting decisions, transition values levels, experience recovery and empowerment following painful life events.
I am persistent and determined to help you locate and heal the roots of your problems.”
— Carol Christina


Sometimes you just know when something is right for you!  You resonate with it and feel good about heading in that direction.  If you are getting that sense, that feeling, we will make a good team!  Trust in your intuition.  You will know if we are a good fit to work together to get the success you desire.

Perhaps you are at a point in your life where you want more for yourself.  You want to feel even better.  You want to more than "just cope".  You want to feel better about your past, present and future.  You are tired of futile attempts at getting rid of your problem.  You have had enough of going around and around in circles.  You are finished with getting attention because of your problem. You are ready to make a change.

Let’s do this together.  Let’s get to the root of the problem, and I will guide you through specific steps to help you recover and heal yourself.  I help you clean away your resistance and then effectively support you in using all your senses to create your future.  Learn the keys to manifesting what you want in your life. I gently guide you through each of these steps and more!!