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Do you have 'people problems'?  Are you feeling negative effects from 'other people' in your life, past or present?  Scroll down to choose which Relationship & Recovery Breakthrough is best for you: relationships, empowerment from bullies and trolls, grief and loss intervention, abuse and trauma recovery.

Relationship Breakthrough

Do you have "issues" with anybody?  Does someone "drive you crazy"? Mother, father, child, spouse, partner, ex-partner, sibling, boss, co-worker, friend, etc. Transform how you feel about that person! Since you are always attracting from where you are, clean up old conflicts, and allow your relationships to be more positive.

With zero judgement, the coach guided me in dismantling the false, limiting beliefs I held about myself and my children, freeing me to see the truth within myself and to embrace the joy.”

Empowerment from Bullies and Trolls

Spending your time, energy, and effort on trying to fix or punish someone or change what they think, believe, say, or do does not actually fix your problems. You can't change the bullies no matter how much you try. You can only change you. And you can actually do that in a powerful way.

When something that someone says triggers you, when you react with negative emotions, those are big clues to go within. If you are triggered by someone else, there is something they said (or did) that relates to what you have inside. Truly perception is projection. Let me help you clean it up in you. Learn how to empower yourself in regard to bullies, narcissists, trolls, etc.

She helped me through the darkness. I don’t feel bad emotions anymore. I’m a happier person now. Carol is really nice.”
— Teen Boy Client

Grief and Loss Intervention

Helping you recover and feel at peace after loss! Comfortably release negative emotions (shock, disbelief, numbness, denial, sadness, loneliness, emptiness, despair, yearning, confusion, bargaining, guilt, anger, depression, etc.), recover from grief following deaths, miscarriages, pet loss, etc.

It took only 12 hours for the therapy and I can hardly believe the difference. My heart has healed. Now when I think of My Darling it is with thankfulness and peace, and with a deep abiding and comforting love. It is so incredibly much better this way. I did not need to remain in a state of sorrow to feel his love. Keeping the pain was not necessary. I can be happy and joyful, and I am.”
There is no fear… We were, we ARE soulmates forever. He is happy in Heaven and in my heart…. and I am happy too. I have learned how important it is to receive help. Healing is wonderful!”

Abuse and Trauma Recovery

Set yourself free from painful past abuse and trauma! Comfortably release negative effects from emotional abuse, mental abuse, verbal abuse, narcissistic abuse, physical abuse, spiritual abuse, religious abuse, childhood molestation, PTSD, walking on eggshells, etc.

Are you still suffering from abuse and trauma that happened long ago? Are you still carrying burdens that you are ready to learn how to put down? Do you want to get rid of old baggage and the pain associated with bad memories?  I know how to help you set yourself free. A new start. A new beginning. A re-birth.

Thank you so much for this great experience, and for being part of my new journey. It was such a pleasure working with you. It is a blessing to be able to experience such a beautiful life especially after what happened to me. Life is amazing! Thank you again so much for helping me becoming the person I want to become.”