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Transform your life! Release anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, guilt, depression, panic, frustration, jealousy, etc. Change limiting decisions, transition values levels, experience recovery and empowerment following painful life events. Create the life you love!


Learn how to release resistance, change limiting beliefs and create your life as you desire. Prepare yourself to allow career and financial advancement. Become in alignment and practice manifesting, etc. to achieve the success you envision.


Transform and recover from the negative effects of 'other people' in your life. Relationships, empowerment from bullies and trolls, grief and loss intervention, abuse and trauma recovery.

Customized PERSONALLY for you!

Have something you'd like to deal with, but don't see it listed here? Book a Consultation with Carol to share what is going on in your life. See how her techniques and personalized Breakthroughs can help you feel better.

Other topics available include: Physical Health Relief, Pregnancy and Childbirth Empowerment, Parenting Transformation, Help for Teens, Unique Challenges of Living a Public Life, etc.


In addition to Breakthroughs, Carol offers Coaching services:  Hypnosis, German New Medicine, changing limiting beliefs, values transitioning, emotional support, and much more...

When you understand the root cause, and do the recovery work, the symptoms go away. Finding the REASON, leads to the RELIEF.”
— Carol Christina

Your emotional, mental, and physical problems are not mysteries.  There are specific reasons why you feel the way you do.  It is your symptoms that make up your health problem.  We take each symptom separately and identify the root cause of each of those symptoms.  There are specific reasons why you are not well.  There are specific emotions that are involved in the original creation of the problem.  There was a conflict/shock/trauma that happened before your symptoms started.  Something happened in your life before you got your problem.  Releasing every negative emotion and changing every limiting belief surrounding that original conflict can make you feel better.  Even if you don't know what it is all about, I know how to help you.

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I feel lighter, and so much happier. I have no more negative feelings toward the people who hurt me in the past or toward myself. I have only positive feelings like I was never hurt.”

I feel like I am starting a new painting and the canvas is empty. I can create whatever I want the way I want, and the best thing is that I have everything I need to do my painting, nothing is missing or is stopping me. Everything feels possible, and accessible.”

I was doubtful at first that this method would work but I knew from the very first emotion we dealt with and how great it felt to let it go that I did have it in me and that this method DOES work. I’m so happy to no longer have overwhelming feelings of anger, sadness, panic, and much more. I feel that I can be myself and have a whole new outlook on life that I thought was not possible. It was empowering and freeing.”